Model Policy

New Model Policy for 2015:

We get tons of emails every week of ladies asking to model our shirts or be our brand reps. We would love to use each model that messages us, but it's just not possible.
We started this company 10 years ago and have had the pleasure of working with dozens of beautiful women and talented photographers.
But the past year we have had many models flake on us and it's very discouraging and frustrating. This is not a hobby for us this is part of our income to support our two kids and ourselves.

Our new model policy is as follows:

If you would like to model our shirts, you must order the shirt from our website and pay full retail & shipping.
Once you have professional pictures taken, email them to us at high resolution to
If we use your pictures on our website, or for magazine submissions you will be reimbursed 50% of what you paid for the shirt.

Guidelines for photos that will be accepted and considered for possible 50% reimbursement:

1: Pictures must be taken by a professional photographer. No selfies.

2: Pictures must be high resolution and taken with a camera not a cellphone.

3: At least 10 quality, useable pictures need to be emailed to

4: Shirt design may not be covered, full design needs to be showing in each picture.

5: Shirt needs to be worn properly, no rolled up sleeves, not tucked in to pants, skirt or shorts. The bottom of the shirt can not be rolled under or up. The full length of the shirt needs to be seen.
We appreciate you wanting to spice it up but for our customers we need the shirt to be worn properly that way they know how it fits. 

If we repost your photo on our Instagram page you will be tagged but we will not reinburse you any money. 

We appreciate your support and cooperation with our new model policy.