About Us

Vanity Exposed Clothing is a family run company based in Central California.

Laura is the mom, wife and the brains behind the company, she comes up with the design ideas, does all the social media, runs the etsy site, website, packages and mails each order.

John is the dad, husband and the one who makes Laura's ideas come to life. He designs  the shirts. John also sets up our vendor booths.

Ryan is 9 and the oldest son, he was the inspiration behind whole company. When Laura was put on bed rest due to high risk pregnancy complications she couldn't just lay in bed all day so she started designing shirts, and came up with Vanity Exposed Clothing.

Jacob is 4 and the youngest son, he helps Laura package and mail the orders.

A little more into Laura's background, she grew up in the hot rod car show scene, selling car event tee shirts since she was 5 years old. Her grandparents, Andy & Sue Brizio would take Laura to car shows in their 32 roadster, and when they had their own car show Andy's picnic she would help sell tee shirts, dash plaques and mugs. Growing up around hot rods was so amazing, meeting new people that are now like family and being around the coolest cars almost every weekend during the summer has grown with her and now become a way of life for Laura as an adult with her own two children. Her grandparents also have their own silk screen shop called Andy's tee Shirts, Laura worked there for a couple summers around the age of 12 helping fold shirts as they came out of the dryer machine, but her grandfather fired her for not working fast enough, then Laura went back and worked there again in her mid 20s for a little while and learned the behind the scenes stuff on how silk screened shirts are made.

All the shirts Vanity Exposed Clothing sells are printed at Andy's Tee Shirts and the quality of printing is beyond compare.